On July 1, several states and cities changed their minimum wage rate. Click here to view the list of affected jurisdictions, including:

⦁ New Jersey
⦁ Oregon
⦁ Chicago
⦁ Cook County, IL
⦁ Washington, DC
⦁ Minneapolis
⦁ Los Angeles
⦁ San Francisco
⦁ and 9 smaller cities in California

Action May Be Required:

If you operate in one of the affected cities or states, please review your employee pay rates to ensure all employee are being paid at least the new minimum wage. Please note, SIMA cannot automatically update these wages, therefore, you will need to confirm your employee pay rates and adjust those that fall below the adjusted minimum in order to maintain compliance.


Please don’t hesitate to contact your SIMA payroll team at (804) 285-5700 or email us at payroll@simafinancialgroup.com.

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