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Our History



Thinking Outside of the Box Since 1985

Many a business owner can point to the singular moment in which he or she was transformed from an employee to an entrepreneur.  For Mark Jones, that moment came four years into his service as a certified public accountant.  Dissatisfied by the lack of personal interaction and sense of purpose, Mark chose to leave a good paying job at a world renowned firm without a distinct plan for his next steps.  The words of a manager in an exit interview haunted him: “You don’t think outside the box.”


Young and ambitious, Mark contemplated his career path while allowing the words of the former manager to set in, and the irony of those words stung.  Mark had been providing accounting services in a box, and knew he could provide better services simply by breaking the bounds of that box.


In 1985, Mark set out on his own to offer business owners the accounting services to which he was accustomed to providing, but he also added to those services to create a more dynamic experience for his clients. Breaking the proverbial box, Mark sought to address the financial concerns of employers (as well as the individual clients he serviced) far beyond tax preparation and accounting.  But, as any successful small business owner can attest, the early days are often grueling, presenting unforeseen challenges and growing pains unique to small employers.  He sought additional talent and began to cultivate in others what was second nature to himself: propagating the business of his clients with the same steadfast commitment to integrity with which he was growing his own brand.


Mark knew the inner workings, finances, and operations of a business were as critical to the success of that business as the service or product itself, and he was determined to be a solutions-driven provider for the needs of small business owners across a multitude of industries. He desired for others what he was building one skilled employee at a time – a foundation for success regardless of cultural trends, market fluctuations, global shifts, or personal crises.

In ancient architecture, the SIMA, running continuously, strengthened, supported, and enhanced crowning structures. Here, it means that, and so much more.

Over the last twenty-five years, Mark has built a practice grounded in the principle that business is not done in a box, that clients are more than balance sheets, and that the financial condition is intimately connected to the health and well-being of the business and the individual.  Today, Mark and his team of 17 industry professionals collaborate daily to provide businesses and individuals with financial solutions ranging from accounting, employee benefits, and human resources, to estate planning, trust & estate administration, mergers & acquisitions, and wealth management.


In an effort to better project the full spectrum of services they offer, in 2011, Mark A. Jones & Associates, PC, became SIMA Financial Group.  In ancient architecture, the sima, running continuously, strengthened, supported, and enhanced crowning structures.  Here, it means that, and so much more.  We partner with our clients to architect the blueprint for building, enhancing, and protecting their personal and business assets, and we do so with a seamlessly integrated, all-encompassing approach to wealth and business management.  Our goal is for our clients to experience prosperity and strength; SIMA Strength.  We work tirelessly to deliver to every client what that former manager knew was critical to success in an ever-changing world: We think outside the box.  We look from every angle.  We strategize, analyze, and theorize.  And we do it with the same care with which our own successful, small business was built and strengthened over the last 28 years.