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Your Year-End Tech Check

Wrap up 2020 knowing that your network and hardware are secure and ready for the new year with SIMA Technology's Year-End Tech Check from Chief Technology Officer, Kelly Davis. Review your backup devices and services Commonly, the business backup solutions are as simple as having an external hard drive connected or saving documents elsewhere like a cloud backup. While this is suitable for retrieving single documents as needed, the real problem comes with bigger issues that include theft, natural disasters, or user error. Documents can be saved, but not software and business applications. And the biggest factor with a network failure is...

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Technology Outreach: Taking Employee Communication to the Next Level

The manner in which employers communicate policies, procedures and benefit plan details to employees has a tremendous impact on how well those programs and policies are understood, utilized and perceived by employees. Providing your employees with ample, accurate resources will help convey your messages effectively and protect you from liability. The Value of Technology-facilitated Communication Using an employee portal to facilitate employee communication can streamline the process of providing timely, accurate information to your employees. Providing Easy, Anytime Access The ease of access is a major benefit of an online portal—for both employees and HR. Once information has been posted to the site, employees can...

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