Soon, Generation Z—those born between 1996 and 2010—will be entering the workforce. Is your company somewhere they can thrive? Is it somewhere they would even want to work?

If you want to attract this budding workforce, you need to understand Gen Z-ers’ motivations. For instance, Gen Z-ers have never known a life without technology. This means if your business still touts outdated tech, Gen Z-ers likely won’t give you a second thought. Consider areas where your company’s tech falls short and brainstorm how you can improve. Getting new hardware may be sufficient, but another option is hiring a tech expert to conduct an audit and make suggestions. (Hint: This might be a good job for a Gen Z-er.)

Beyond prizing their tech, Gen Z-ers also value their company’s culture. Like their millennial predecessors, Gen Z-ers want vibrant, collaborative spaces—think bright colors, open workspaces, and natural light.  However, Gen Z-ers also identify as scrappier than millennials. They have a “self-made” attitude and value healthy competition. With that in mind, your workplace and culture should accommodate some isolated spaces for Gen Z-ers to hunker down and get things done.

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