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Personal Tax & Accounting Services

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Throughout your life, countless circumstances can significantly impact your taxation strategies and financial position. SIMA Financial Group combines expert knowledge with relationship-driven practice to provide our clients with effective accounting, strategic planning, and unparalleled care throughout their lives and under any circumstance.


  • Getting Married
  • Becoming a Parent
  • Preparing for College
  • Developing a Financial Plan
  • Locating Credit
  • Planning For Retirement
  • Buying & Selling A Home
  • Planning Your Estate
  • Making Charitable Contributions
  • Getting Divorced or Becoming Widowed
  • Choosing Long Term Care
  • Improving Your Retirement

SIMA Strength is achieved through an approach that capitalizes on continuity of care, expertise, and acumen honed through an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing business owners, a commitment to the community we serve, and the belief that a well-developed relationship can impact the landscape and the outlook of your business, wealth, and future.

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