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Payroll Services


SIMA Payroll Services is unmatched in its administration of critical business actions. Providing clients with highly personalized services allows payroll professionals to manage an employer’s most significant expenditure with exceptional detail to ensure accuracy and precision with every check that is written.




SIMA Payroll Services carefully tracks company history and norms, reconciles discrepancies, and critically assesses data to optimize client assets and compensate employees with unparalleled care. When bundled with SIMA Accounting and Benefits Administration Services, our professionals can provide full service human resource solutions for small to mid-sized employers.

Client Login

Log into your account at SIMA for access to your payroll services...

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Switch over to SIMA Payroll Services and see the difference...

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Routine Payroll Processing

Compared to our largest competitors, SIMA is a valued partner in your business...

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Tax Management

Our clients are registered directly with federal and states agencies...

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Practical Payroll

SIMA Payroll Services provides clients with check signing, stuff and seal services...

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Time & Expense Tracking

SIMA software integrates seamlessly with most systems...

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Quarterly and year-end processing is executed with attention to detail...

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Links by State

SIMA Payroll Group is dedicated to providing you the tools to keep you informed...

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SIMA Payroll Difference

SIMA provides operational support, insightful counsel, and personal care...

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