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Routine Payroll Processing

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Payroll Processing is executed by SIMA professionals on your specified schedule with our personal care. Compared to our largest competitors, SIMA is a valued partner in your business – understanding the nuances of your payroll and managing what is often the largest expense in the organization as though the business were our own.


  • Receive payroll hours via fax, email, or Net Client Portals
  • Review unprinted checks for accuracy and custom, reporting any discrepancies to the client
  • Print, sign, stuff and seal all vendor checks – garnishments, child support, etc.
  • Process and file all state and federal tax deposits and receive confirmation of payments
  • Stuff and seal all payroll checks
  • Provide client with detailed report to include check register, payroll journal, journal entry report, departmental records, accrual benefit reports, checkbook deductions, and dates
  • Verify withholdings and file 401K contributions
  • Transmit direct deposit and upload paychecks to employee portals
  • Upload year-to-date reports on employer portals
  • File multi-state tax deposits as applicable
  • Notify client of payroll completion and send new time cards

SIMA Strength is achieved through an approach that capitalizes on continuity of care, expertise, and acumen honed through an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing business owners, a commitment to the community we serve, and the belief that a well-developed relationship can impact the landscape and the outlook of your business, wealth, and future.

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