Tips on Preparing Your Business for a Natural Disaster

With the start of peak Atlantic hurricane season this month comes the risk of losing essential business records, files, and other materials to floods or damaging winds.

To reduce your damage costs and hasten your return to normal business operations, follow the following tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

  1. Confirm your insurance:  Review the details of your flood and other hazard insurance policies, paying close attention to which items are covered and under what conditions. If you have questions, contact your insurance agent.
  2. Back up essential files:  Regularly back up important electronic files (such as billing and payroll records and customer lists), and keep backup copies in a secure, off-site location. Copies of important papers (business plans, legal documents, etc.) should also be stored securely off site.
  3. Consider the location of equipment susceptible to damage:  Raise computers above flood level, move heavy objects to low shelves, and secure any equipment that could move or fall during a natural disaster.
  4. Take inventory:  For insurance and tax purposes, maintain written and photographic inventories of all important materials and equipment, and store the inventory in a safety deposit box or other secure location.
  5. Perform regular building maintenance and repairs:  Periodically evaluate your building to make sure wind and water are not able to penetrate it.

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