Rebuild VA Grant Fund (Rebuild VA) has expanded its eligibility criteria to allow more small businesses and nonprofits to apply. Any small business or nonprofit with $10,000,000 or less in gross revenue OR 250 or fewer employees may now apply. Additional information can be found here.

Governor Ralph Northam announced the $70 million for small businesses and nonprofit organizations whose normal operations were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic back in July.


  • Prepare yourself by reading the information on this page and consulting the application guide carefully before starting the application
  • Download the Virginia substitute form W-9; complete and upload it with your other documents
    • must be filled out completely
    • must match the information on the application
    • must be signed
    • the W-9 must include a DUNS Number
    • consult the W-9 example to complete your W-9
  • Electronically format all supporting documents, and be ready to upload them before starting your application
  • Applicants can check application status by logging into their application account
  • Applications that are missing documents may take longer than 21 business days to review

All applicants should review the Required Document Checklist.




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