The Callan Institute conducted its 11th annual Defined Contribution (DC) Trends Survey in the fall of 2017. The survey incorporates responses from 152 plan sponsors, including both Callan clients and other organizations, and highlights key themes and findings from 2017 and expectations for 2018. Over the next few months, SIMA will share these findings so that you can ask yourself, How Does Your Retirement Plan Compare?

This month, we look at the all-important company match.  Did you change your match in 2017? Most plan sponsors did not.  Only 2.3% reported making a change. On the other hand, nearly a quarter anticipate making a change in 2018. While most are unsure what the change will be, approximately one in four will increase the match (27.3%). In contrast, no plan sponsors plan to eliminate the match in 2018.  Among those that will change to a stretch match, one reported potentially matching up to 10.5% of pay.

Company match

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