From Our Families to Yours…

2016 has taught SIMA a lot about family, those you are born into, and those you craft one relationship at a time.  It has been a tremendous year for this family.  We have grown in number, adding to the expertise of our team, and we have grown in strength, learning just how far each will go in support of one another and those we serve.  We have been humbled by the generosity and care of those with whom we partner and are grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you for being part of our family.  We at SIMA are looking forward to continued strength in 2017 and wish you great joy this holiday season and always.

Merry Christmas and Happy, Happy Holidays!

Mark, Will, Jennifer, David, Jim, Scott, Chris, Steve, Willy, Stephen, Justin, Curtis, Tina, Lisa, Nita, Brian, Bryan, Aynsley, Kara, Linda, Karen, Samantha, Amber, Hanna, Kerri & Bob

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