Section 6056 reporting is the required reporting to the IRS of information relating to offers of health insurance coverage by employers that sponsor group health plans. A statement disclosing information about the offer of coverage must also be furnished to full-time employees. This guide is intended to provide information for employers on the Internal Revenue Code (Code) Section 6056 reporting requirements.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • Applicable large employers (ALEs) that are responsible for reporting under Section 6056
  • The forms that are used to accomplish the Section 6056 reporting
  • The information an ALE must provide to its full-time employees and to the IRS regarding the health care coverage it offered (or did not offer) to its full-time employees
  • The deadlines for providing information to full-time employees and to the IRS
  • How information must be provided to full-time employees and to the IRS
  • The penalties an ALE may face if it fails to satisfy the Section 6056 reporting requirements

The information in this guide is based on current guidance available from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Note that specific requirements under Code Section 6056 may change from year to year. We will update this guide with new information as it becomes available.

Please note, SIMA will prepare client filings. There is a $75 fee plus $20 per form charge for forms completed on the employer’s behalf.

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