As so many of you know, our good friend and colleague, Justin Bennett, suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury in July 2016 that rendered him a quadriplegic at the age of 26. You can read Justin’s story here.

Two years, multiple surgeries, countless hours of therapy, and a relentless number of prayers later, Justin is in the planning stages of coming back to work at SIMA, returning to the clients and colleagues to whom he has such close ties. Justin continues to show remarkable determination, perseverance and strength and manages to impress each of us on a daily basis; we are so proud of him.


The next significant challenge in Justin’s ongoing journey is the purchase of an advanced and highly technical modified vehicle.  As well as the purchase of this vehicle, Justin will be required to attend very costly driving training. Both the vehicle and training will ultimately give Justin greater independence in traveling to and from work and therapy without the aid of others.


As his biggest supporters, Team SIMA, along with Justin’s family, is asking for your support in Justin’s….

Justin has partnered with the 501(c)(3) organization HelpHopeLive which makes it possible for families and individuals to raise tax-deductible funds to support the ongoing care of individuals with life-altering circumstances.  You can learn a lot about this wonderful organization and how it works with Justin and others like him including facts, figures, and frequently asked questions, by clicking here.


Our goal here at SIMA is to work together in order to raise funds for Justin so that he can pursue his dreams of greater independence. What we are asking for is your support — and we would appreciate your consideration in donating to this wonderful young man and his recovery.


Every tax-deductible donation will be deposited into a fund that will benefit Justin, the man who teaches us every day what it means to work hard and never settle.


Here’s how you can help:


Make a tax-deductible donation to HelpHopeLive in honor of Justin and it will be directed to a find that will benefit him.  You can make your donation via the online giving page by clicking here.

Help spread the word.  We are all blessed with rich networks of people who care about the things that are important to us.  Would you be so kind as to ask your employees, vendors, friends, family, neighbors and others to make a small donation?  As little as $10 from each of the people in our lives could make a  significant impact to this incredible young man’s life. HelpHopeLive also accepts company matching funds!

Join us in celebrating our efforts at the Drive for Independence Golf Tournament on September 13.  Justin would love to see everybody out there as we continue to raise funds in his honor.  Justin wants everyone to know that although we each have challenges to overcome, with perseverance, determination, and a great attitude, we can all overcome those obstacles.  We just have to keep going!  For more information on becoming a tournament sponsor or putting together a participating team, please click here.

Share Justin’s story with others.  In addition to helping us raise money for Justin, our desire is to share his inspiring story.  Justin works hard every day, without a single complaint.  Some of us have small challenges, others have big ones.  But we all have to start from where we are and keep moving forward!

September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. One of Justin’s heartfelt messages is to remind your family and friends not to dive where they cannot see and to consider safety at all times.  You can learn all about Spinal Cord Injury and it’s impact of individuals and families by clicking here.


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