Experience the value of a managed technology solution. We work with you to align your business goals with your IT infrastructure.


  • Complete monitoring for security, performance, and patching on all endpoints
  • Custom configured monitoring for all critical software, services, and devices
  • Detailed reports available to provide insight on uptime, background services, and remediation
  • 8am – 5pm full-service helpdesk with emergency after hours available
  • All standard remediation services included
  • Rapid response from local technicians
  • Help desk technicians continually build your IT knowledgebase to expedite issue resolution
  • Workstation documents backup
  • Full server backup with bare metal recovery or VM spin up
  • Enhanced next generation Anti-Virus with AI, machine learning, network lockdown, and ransomware rollback
  • Included web filter to block malicious or non-business related websites
  • Server back up to the cloud for recovery
  • Server recoveries tested monthly to ensure quick restoration
  • Local documents backup on workstations
  • Backups performed remotely eliminating day-to-day interruptions
  • Provide risk intelligence insight into the data stored on your server and workstations
  • Install advanced malware protection
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Network slowdown monitoring
  • Content filtering
  • Built-in web protection to keep your business safe
  • Protection against malware, phishing, adware, botnets, and spam
  • Employee phishing training to increase first line of defense against phishing attacks
  • Device warranty management
  • Perform failed hardware repairs quickly through easy availability of parts
  • Software license management
  • Inventory management of software installed to ensure repairs and migrations are completed rapidly and comprehensively
  • Utilize managed security to scan your devices and network for known vulnerabilities
  • Actively protect from known threats and exploits
  • Configure and manage encryption on all your devices
  • Protect from data loss due to a lost or stolen device
  • Prevent unauthorized access to company equipment
  • Remediation for reported issues
  • Eliminate major problems by addressing smaller issues as they develop
  • Manage your vendor relationships
  • Serve as a single point of contact for your vendors
  • Triage your software issues with vendors
  • Analyze diagnostic data prior to reduce time required to implement a solution
  • Analyze your infrastructure and technology processes to identify performance, security and workflow issues
  • Review weak points, inefficiencies and performance issues during quarterly reviews
  • Identify and report any security issues immediately to protect your network and data



We are a managed services IT company meaning we handle it all. Always making sure your company is secure with ongoing monitoring. We resolve issues as they occur, never letting the little stuff add up to a big problem.


Managed Services

Basic Support


Managed Services

Basic Support


  • Initial Consultation

    During our first meeting we take the time to learn about your business and technology goals.

  • Roadmap Buildout

    We look at the ins and outs of your current IT setup. Then we put together a roadmap that walks you through our recommended steps. As we work together we work to align your business with technology standards.

  • Onboarding and Alignment

    We coordinate all the pieces to transition your IT services. Then we start working through your roadmap.

  • Create IT Documentation

    After we have your IT services up and running we put together detailed documentation for you. This document provides a full view of your company's IT landscape and helps us service you.

  • Employee Training

    We provide training for your employees to go over the scope of our services and how to access IT support.

  • Connect With Vendors

    Then we connect with your technology vendors to form a relationship. This way you have a single contact for your IT issues - us.

  • Go Live

    We confirm your onboarding is complete and all tasks are finished. Then we are here to provide you with ongoing monitoring and support.

  • Quarterly Meeting

    Each quarter we reach out to you to go over your technology performance and goals.



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