Experience the value of thoughtful advice. We’ve been providing investment counsel to the Richmond community for over 20 years.


Retirement Planning

  • Income planning
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies
  • Social security claiming strategies

Estate Planning

  • Comprehensive review of wills, trusts and other estate plan documents
  • Estate plan design and implementation
  • Multi-generational wealth planning

Education Planning

  • Determining optimal funding level
  • Advising which account types to utilize
  • Investing strategies for every part of the journey

Tax Planning

  • Proactive tax advice, including tax return preparation and filing*
  • Unwinding concentrated positions
  • Navigating the sale of closely-held business
  • Charitable giving strategies

*Offered through SIMA Accounting Group, Inc., an affiliated company. Fees are negotiated in advance.


Asset Allocation

The primary determinant of returns is the mix of stocks, bonds, cash and other investments included in your portfolio.

We work hard to get this just right, balancing near-term risk with long-term opportunity.

Asset Location

Certain types of investments are better suited for taxable, tax-deferred or tax-free accounts.

Designing portfolios that maximize tax efficiency is our specialty.


Over time, your portfolio’s allocation will drift from its long-term targets, as certain parts outperform others.

Bringing the various components back toward their target weighting is a prudent way to manage risk.

Tax-Efficient Portfolios

Wall Street loves to trade for the sake of trading, generating needless taxes along the way.

But our strategy is focused on maximizing your after-tax returns. Because it’s not just about what you make, it’s what you keep.


Financial planner. Wealth manager. Investment advisor.

Call us what you’d like. The success of our clients is ultimately what defines us.



We use the industry’s best software to bring your plan to life.

Wealth Management Plan

Simulate multiple “what if…?” scenarios in real-time

  • “Can I retire at 62 instead of 65?”
  • “What if we bought a vacation home?”
  • “What happens if tax rates go higher?”

Stress test the future

Using a powerful Monte Carlo engine, we can determine the strength of your plan and uncover hidden opportunities.

Bring all the pieces together

See the whole picture by linking all your financial accounts in once place.


All the data you need in an easy to navigate website.

Wealth Management Portal

Customized reporting

Fully encrypted and secure

Data updates daily

Synced with your financial plan

Customized reporting

Data updates daily

Fully encrypted and secure

Synced with financial plan


  • Discovery Meeting (30-60 minutes)

    During our first meeting we will discuss things like your goals, priorities and investing history.

  • Risk Assessment

    From there we will email you a short questionnaire to complete.

  • Portfolio Review Meeting (30 minutes

    Together we will look at your risk assessment and discuss investment recommendations.

  • New Account Paperwork

    Now that we have a plan it's time to complete some paperwork. We will walk you through all the necessary forms, many of which can be signed electronically.

  • Account Transfer

    Once we have all the new account paperwork it typically takes 7-10 business days for assets to transfer.

  • Client Portal Setup

    Then we will setup your own portal where you can view your customized portfolio online.

  • Progress Check-In

    Now that your account is setup, we are here to answer any questions you may have. We are always making sure everything is running smoothly and checking in with you regularly.



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    Monte Carlo simulations produce wide ranges of outcomes based on the probability of their occurrence. The likelihood of various investment outcomes is purely hypothetical. Monte Carlo analyses are based upon assumptions that may not come to pass.