Our team has updated the Virginia State Continuation Form. As a reminder, employers with under 20 employees are required to provide written notice within 14 days of learning of a covered person’s loss of eligibility under the plan. The covered individual must notify the employer within 60 days of their termination of eligibility if they intend to continue coverage. It is very important that the written notification is provided in a timely manner so the individual can choose to elect within that 60 day window.

We have updated the form to clarify the 60 day election period. Continuation shall only be available to an employee who has been continuously insured under the group policy during the entire three-month period immediately preceding termination of eligibility. It is not available to an individual whose eligibility for coverage ceased because the individual was discharged by the employer for gross misconduct. Please click here for the Virginia Code Section on State Continuation for more informatio

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