The 2020 General Assembly Session passed Senate Bill 567 resulting in maternity benefit changes for Short-Term Disability plans in Virginia

During the 2020 General Assembly Session, Senate Bill 567 – Disability Insurance: coverage for disability arising out of child-birth (SB567) was passed. The Commonwealth of Virginia established a new 12-week maximum benefit period for Short-Term Disability benefits for eligible insured women post childbirth.


  • SB567 impacts all fully insured Short-Term Disability (STD & DisFlex) plans issued in Virginia with an effective date of July 1, 2021 or later.


  • In-force customers will have the option to add the 12-week maximum benefit duration during their July 1, 2021 renewal or thereafter. (The 12-week change is not automatic; a request must be made by the employer to their Short-Term Disability plan provider)


  • Rates will change when the new coverage is added.


  • This change is for STD childbirth only, not Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)


  • The new 12-week maximum benefit duration is subject to a physician’s approval(If a physician clears a claimant to return to work after 9 weeks, the benefit ends at 9 weeks. If a physician clears the claimant to return to work after 7 weeks, the benefit ends at the end of 7 weeks)


  • A claimant must meet the definition of disability offered by their current Short-Term Disability contract. (Remaining on claim is determined by the claimant’s physician)


  • The elimination period must be waived as of date of birth. (If birth is May 2 then the benefit begins May 2)


  • Pre-existing condition limitations may apply. (If the employer short-term disability plan has a pre-existing condition limitation and the claimant is within the pre-existing period, no claim will be paid)


  • To access the benefit, a claim form would need to be completed and sent to the carrier upon the birth of the child.


  • Certain procedures will not qualify under the new maternity benefit. (If a short-term disability plan is in force, and a claimant is not in their pre-existing limitation period, a claim may be filed under the regular short-term disability benefit. If approved, the normal waiting period would apply).


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